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Dr. Cox loves her alma maters, George Fox University (MA in Counseling) and Oregon State University (Ph.D. in Human Development & Family Sciences).  It was at GFU that she first understood the importance of a qualified supervisor because she did not have one - at first.  In fact, the supervisor for her first semester of Internship was disciplined by the licensing board as a direct result of poor supervisory behaviors (or lack thereof). This poor supervision created such emotional distress it lead to physical illness and confusion about the quality of education, about who to trust, and questions about whether the counseling field was a legitimate profession.  Then she met Scott Perfect (such an apt name).  At the time, Mr. Perfect was the Counseling Director at Western Oregon University, where Dr. Cox was assigned for her second Internship semester.  This fateful meeting, and the professional relationship that developed, changed Dr. Cox's understanding of what type of learning was possible, about the skills and knowledge even new clinicians can possess, and  - most importantly - about the impact of quality, ethical supervision.

Over a decade later, if you ask her, Dr. Cox will tell you Scott Perfect changed who she is as a person and a clinician.  Dr. Cox feels compelled to honor those experiences by providing positive, growth-filled, engaging, ethical, and meaningful supervision for others.  If you cannot convince Scott Perfect to be your supervisor, contact Dr. Cox. In this case, she is happy to be second-best!


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Michelle J. Cox, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS

Whether working in private practice, group practice, university mental health clinics, or community mental health agencies, Dr. Cox has maintained a stellar reputation as a skilled and ethical clinician and supervisor.  Her wealth of experiences in a variety of settings informs her supervision practice and allows her to hone your supervision experience to best fit your needs as a clinician and an employee.



Oregon State University
PhD, 2008

George Fox University
MA, 2003

Activities & Affiliations

• American Counseling Association, Member
• National Board of Certified Counselor


• C2172, Oregon