Dr. Michelle Cox
Support for mental health professionals.


Support for those who support others.

Areas of Practice



Providing structured, supportive, and functional supervision is an art and a science. Exceptional supervision requires a broad knowledge base of theories and interventions along with keen awareness of various practice settings and managed care requirements. Dr. Cox specializes in translating textbook into treatment, helping clinicians bring to life the theories and techniques that benefit clients and the mental health community. Counselors and Therapists seek her supervision because they strive to excel with and for their clients.

ethics consultation

Consult, consult, consult. You heard these infamous words during your Master's-Level training, but what do they really mean? Will calling a peer from your graduate cohort really help resolve an ethical issue or complex clinical problem? Ask former clinicians if they wish they had paid for professional consultation before they made the decision that cost them their licenses. Most will say they did not even know enough to ask for help. Now you know Dr. Cox provides this service. Hopefully, you will remember to call her before you make a critical error. 

continuing education

Small groups. Large Seminars. Convention Sessions. Key Note Addresses. Online. Hybrid. Live. Dr. Cox brings personality, reality, theory, and technique to all her trainings, regardless of the delivery method. Challenge her to design a topic specifically for your group or organization and she will dazzle you with applicable, reliable, and current content. There is no sleeping through her trainings. Her most popular courses are the 30-Hour Supervision Training, Business Basics for Clinicians, and Clinical Notes for the Wise. 

writing & publication

Dr. Cox is a published author. No, she did not use a vanity press. Writing is as much about discipline as it is about dreaming. What do you want to write and what keeps you from putting pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard)? Hire Dr. Cox to edit, to co-author, or to ghost write. She can translate publisher requirements and peer-review comments into your language and make your ideas dance and sing. Articles and texts are her favorite, but she will edit dissertations, too! She is intrigued by the written word and offers contracts that protect your ideas and her own.

statistical analysis

Need to assess the effectiveness of your staff, evaluate customer satisfaction levels, or prove your marketing approach works? Are you struggling with your dissertation research design or analysis? Dr. Cox cannot do geometry, but she can complete a zero-inflated negative binomial regression analysis because she took several 600-level statistics courses at Oregon State. Using STATA, a data analysis software program, strong method design, and project planning skills, Dr. Cox can help you get results - literally and figuratively.  

business strategy

Opening a private practice sounds cool - a bit romantic and daring. It can be fun and rewarding if you do it right - from the start. Can you calculate overhead realistically? What is your cost of doing business? What forms of passive income can mitigate losses and boost income? What types of insurance will you need? Exhausted yet? You can and should hire a CPA and, you may need someone who understands the expenses and challenges of private practice. Dr. Cox can help you plan for your best success.